Christwalk in the Valley - the art of marriage- Reverse today Spaces are limited on Red grunge background

the art of marriage

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to strengthen and grow your marriage! Whether you have been married for 3 weeks or 30 years, this conference will build your relationship with your spouse and the Lord. May 31 – June 1, 2019 Christwalk in the Valley 1212 Bear Gap Road Clarkesville, GA 30523   MAKE YOUR RESERVATION

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Road with clock The 10 Minute Window with Pastor Chip Woodall

I”m Shaking on the Inside!

from The 10 Minute Window Podcast- Episode 6 April 5, 2019 Intro: (Pastor Chip Woodall) Welcome to the 10-Minute Window. I’m Chip Woodall, the pastor of Christwalk Church Cornelia and Christwalk in the Valley in Clarkesville, Georgia. This podcast is created for people who desire to hear Biblical teaching with prophetic revelation that you can apply to everyday life. Now […]

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FIXATION within brackets

No Longer A Slave

The Bible says a person is a slave to whatever has mastered them. In this blog, I want to discuss how the enemy will use a “fixation” on certain things or people in our lives to become a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problem for us. I will zero in on one specific hang-up and it is a “food fixation.” […]

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