Moments and Milestones In Ministry

Lake surrounded by trees "life's not a matter of milestones but of Moments!

A guest at Christwalk in the Valley recently took a picture of our property during his stay and included this quote by Rose Kennedy, “life is not a matter of milestones but of moments.” As I reflected on this for several days, I have enjoyed both the beauty of the picture and the truth of the words. While we all […]

Sounds Like You Need A RETREAT!

Sounds like you need a RETREAT sign

Life can be difficult and seem overwhelming at times, so maybe you need to get away from your normal surroundings to clear your head. Sounds like you need a retreat! Jobs can be stressful, not to mention the traffic you drive through each day to get there or the people you deal with at work. Sounds like you need a […]

What Every Man Can Learn . . . from Barbie, Mama & Church Ladies

old couple surprised reading newspaper "What every man can learn"

What Every Man Can Learn . . . Donna and I have been married for 31 years, and during that time, she has taught me a lot about women. I also have learned many things about ladies from my mother, who will be turning 81 in July. Helping raise two beautiful daughters mature into young women has added to my […]

“Christwalk in the Valley” Opens Every Door To The Neighbors

Christwalk in the Valley entrance sign

Our Invitation To You! The first ever Open House at Christwalk in the Valley will take place Sunday, March 24, 2019. From 2 pm until 6 pm, we are inviting our neighbors, local business owners and all surrounding churches to come visit and see what the Valley offers. Please make plans to drop-in and walk through all our cabins, the […]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME -Christwalk in the Valley is a Gift from God

wheelhouse at Christwalk in the Valley

Make a Wish and Blow Out the Candles As I reflect on everything the Lord has done through Christwalk Ministries since October 2016, I am blown away. It is way more than a wish come true. However, I should not be so surprised because this is what he promised our family, if we would just trust Him and come to […]

A New Name and A New Thing

Christwalk in the Valley logo blue background

A New Encounter We are encountering “a new thing” at the Valley, and it is our desire to share this encounter with you! Our new name is now “Christwalk in the Valley!” The 60-acres of gorgeous mountain property we invite you to will literally renew your soul. While staying here with us, you will enjoy cozy accommodations, delicious meals and […]

Millennials – A Prodigal Generation

Group of Millennials -A Prodigal Generation

Mentoring Millennials- Mentoring and discipling the next generation of the church is interesting to me, so we better do everything we can as lead pastors to train the millennials and equip them as our future leaders. This young generation is not looking for church as usual. Forget lights, fog and loud music to lure them in. They want what is authentic […]

Train Your Son Early For His Bachelor’s Party

Young Men at Mount Mitchell summit

TRAIN IN THE WAY As parents of five children from ages 12 to 26, Donna and I have made a lot of mistakes during our 29 years of marriage. Raising kids is no simple task in this world today because there are many distractions. Often, our consistency in setting Biblical examples for them and following through with discipline have seemed […]