Group of Millennials -A Prodigal Generation

Mentoring Millennials-

Mentoring and discipling the next generation of the church is interesting to me, so we better do everything we can as lead pastors to train the millennials and equip them as our future leaders. This young generation is not looking for church as usual. Forget lights, fog and loud music to lure them in. They want what is authentic and real . . . in other words, be transparent if you desire to lead this bunch. A hipper pastor is not what they are after; tell them about a bigger God to catch their attention and just be real with them.

You cannot advertise with slick brochures and catchy mailouts to attract these guys into your church. If you are going to lead them, they want your whole story, where the church is headed and no sugarcoating it! Tell it the way it is.

Millennials want to answer two questions:
Where am I and what is expected of me? So, keep it simple when they come in from the parking lot and find their worship space. You will not have many chances to capture their attention.

As lead pastor of Christwalk Church, I am continuously finding my approach and delivery changing. The gospel always remains amazingly the same but how it is delivered must be considered when it comes to your audience.

In our church and ministry center in Cornelia, Georgia, I have noticed a fast growing faction of attenders and it is the millennials generation.

I believe it definitely has something to do with the fact that Donna and I started this ministry with our children and their significant others and it just so happens they are millennials . . . all but Tanner who is 12. However, I also believe it has something to do with taking time out to try to get to know them and what makes them tick. My favorite thing is to go eat a meal with a group of them and soak up their conversations.

Millennials Need To Be Heard-

Jonah Norman will begin to co-author the upcoming Sure Peg blogs with me. Many of you already know Jonah because he is a part of our original ministry team and will be marrying our daughter, Emilee, on August 5th. What you may not know about Jonah is he is a gifted writer and of course, a member of the millennial generation.

Jonah writes spoken words weekly to reinforce my messages to our Christwalk family. I told him earlier this week that the messages God is giving him needs to be heard by more listeners.

The next part of this blog is one of Jonah’s spoken words written to his generation. As I have read it multiple times now, I find it speaking to me, and I am approaching the big 50. With that being said, Generation X and Baby Boomers, read between the lines.


Millennials: A Prodigal Generation

by Jonah Norman

So, apparently
Studies show
That my generation is the craziest
We’re The least motivated
And though we are highly educated
We are, somehow, the laziest.

We live unaware of the world around us
And we’re easily hurt
Continuously mesmerized by a virtual reality
And still finding no place in our real life
For an all involved virtuality
We have not loved God and hated wickedness
We have not let the words of our mouth & meditations of our heart be acceptable in his sight
We have ignored the life that ended on the cross
Rose from the grave
And started on that “O Holy Night”

We, as a culture, fuel the idea that things should be handed to us
This, in every way, hinders a pure understanding of the gospel
Like, you say you love Jesus
But you’re not giving anything up
Yet you still expect a true salvation
i’ve had enough

My Jesus came to heal the sick
And save the sinners
And in his revelation to me
I’ve seen
Those two are the same thing

I’m in the business of seeing blind eyes opened
Both Figuratively and literally
Physically and spiritually
And I’m all about the truth
So, my message is Biblical

I’m not sugar coating
Or cerakoting
I won’t cover nothing up
See This isn’t MY flow
Its overflow
From the water in my cup

Follow me?
Kuz my cup runneth over
And when Jesus called I came running
Like the ultimate game of red-rover
Now I’m hooked

But I wasn’t always
For a while
I was just doing “me”
Satisfied with what I thought was fun
Selfish, fleshly desires
And though after the occasional youth conference or camp
I was wired…
That would soon fizzle out

My spirit man was living in a desert
I’m talking a hot blistering drought
So i’ll let it all hang out
I’m a sinner
But please
Before you tune me out for my transparency
Or wrinkle your face
Allow me a moment
Because my message
Is grace

See I find that the beauty in ministry is understanding this truth
those who preach and share the Word of God and His grace are not perfect.
Nor do they themselves deserve it

This thought
that God ONLY speaks through perfect people
lessens His power and distances us from his voice.

That being said,
I, in every sense of the word
refuse to be a stereo-type
A part of the failing percent

A socially insecure
Publically educated zombie
Who eats cheetos
And can’t pay his own rent
I’m sick of it

The world needs change
And if the older guys won’t step up
Why not one my age
There’s a fire in the works
Sparks are beginning to fly
Miracles, signs, and wonders
Flames in the sky

I pray that when I speak not a single word is mine, but EVERY syllable is that of my Creator.

We spend too many words and minutes on selfish acts
And if we can sacrifice both of these now
Just so that ONE MORE might see
Then i count it as a win

So in crouds of 5, 50, or 5,000
I stand up with a grin
Put the mic at my chin
And i proclaim

My name was sinner
But now my names new
By grace
Through Faith
Not my own power
Not my own ways
But His

So, I lift my hands high
Ill raise my voice
Ill fight
Ill die
For my king
The creator of the world
Lover of my soul
I was beaten
I was broken
But He made me whole

So don’t miss your shot
His arms are wide-open
You can pretend you got it together
Or you can admit your broken
Whether you’re top dog
Or never been chosen
This is your day

This is the time
We are the people
It’s NOW
Not later
It’s us

Revival won’t come if we just stay in our seats
We need radical Christians
I mean DC Talk style
Jesus …freaks

Success rates are raised when the weak
get tough
When the sleeping
wake up
Its going to get hard
But enough is enough
The time is now

But if we can’t recognize the anointing
And answer the call
Life will stay just like it is
Making it
And thats all

But I’m looking for more
And there is a movement of people like me
Passionate about Jesus
And crazy enough to do something about it.

So I’ll leave you with a question
One I hope you consider
Will you be a part of the awakening,
Or a stereo-typical quitter?


Chip Woodall,
Lead/ Founding Pastor at Christwalk International Ministries

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